We stand for strength, loyalty and progress.


The Westwood Smith Group is a family owned and operated business. At Westwood Smith we are proud of our historic roots which began in Tasmania. James “Philosopher” Smith discovered what was to become the richest Tin mine in the world in 1871. James named his Tasmanian family homestead “Westwood" and this name has become a proud tradition across the generations. The main Smith family home today is still called “Westwood” and it’s importance is highlighted by it’s use in our company name.


The pride we have in our Tasmanian hertitage is further reflected in our company logo with the adaptation of the Tasmanian state flag lion. The use of the colours of gold and tin in our logo are representative of our rich family history as prospectors and miners. We are passionate about the impact of family history and culture on future generations and ensure this is evident in all that we do.


The Westood Smith Group have learnt from our fore bearers about the importance of forward momentum both personally and professionally. We stand for strength, loyalty and progress.  We believe in the importance of caring for those around us and the environment. Like the lion in our logo we continue with forward momentum from a proud past into the future and all the opportunity that is ahead.

Pictured: James "Philosopher" Smith (1827 - 1897)

Discovered the Mount Bischoff tin mine in Tasmania

A quiet, somewhat reserved man, benevolent and charitable, Smith was a natural explorer of much determination


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